Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Life Insurance isn't covered by GINA

Sooooo.... if I had thought about this little kink in the road, I would have looked into a new life insurance policy BEFORE I started taking any steps in finding out about my BRCA2 mutation and BEFORE I made any doctor visits about reducing my risk through surgeries.

Because I didn't, now I really AM being discriminated against by life insurance companies...

I vented my frustrations on the (FORCE) message boards and I received a few replies that GINA only applies to Health Insurance.

This is pretty frustrating.  Even though I went through these surgeries to reduce my risk to be the same or better than the general population, I am only able to get 3rd tier coverage as a "healthy individual who is a non-smoker" and cannot qualify for the BEST rate available.

This is a bummer!

Learn from my mistake.

Q. Does GINA protect me when I buy life insurance or long-term care insurance?
A. GINA health insurance protections currently do not apply to the life insurance market or the long-term care insurance market. If you buy these types of coverage on your own, federal law does not protect you. However, some state laws may apply to these types of coverage. Check with your state insurance department for more information.


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